Award Winning • Healthful • Sustainable • Holistic • Community-Based

71 Maple Street,  Bristol, VT,  05443 • (802) 453-3946


"Virginia, Tally and I found Halloween memorable.  The doorbell rang continually as scores of children were greeted by residents manning the doors.  We all cheered the Living Well Drumming Circle as they passed by in the Fourth of July parade.  We enjoyed the artwork at their openings at the Bristol Library and the Bakery, where they also read their poetry aloud.  We were surprised and delighted by the ukulele group that comes to practice in the dining room.  It’s all lively testimony to Living Well’s vibrant place in the community." - Jerri Amici

"What impressed me about Living Well was the comfortable home like environment and the holistic approach to aging and care Living Well supports. Living Well’s activities are designed to effect their innovative holistic approach to caring for vulnerable elders like: an organic vegetable garden where they grow many of their foods, elders choosing to "pitch in" to help with chores like help prep a meal, day excursions to go fish, the drumming circle. Such life at Living Well. Such care to the details in keeping the environment clean, green and joyful." - Maggie Sherman

"After about a year of staying at Living Well I began to notice profound changes. First of all as a result of doctors determining her medication levels were incorrect, she began to become more coherent. This was a result of Living Well making sure she was being cared for properly. Mom on a long term basis tends to be antisocial, however I have seen significant friendships develop with both staff and residents of Living Well." - Michael Morera

"I have worked with Living Well Care Home of Bristol, Vermont,  and its residents in the capacity of Activities Director for over five years. During this time I have witnessed and supported Living Well's core mission of bringing integrative approaches to the health and well being of elders in its care.  Art activities for Living Well's residents range from planting, tending and harvesting its organic gardens, to the wellness practices of meditation, tai chi and chair yoga. The visual arts of photography, painting and collage and a high quality music program also benefit the residents in deepening their social connection and emotional well being. Finally, both as a staff member and as residents' council facilitator, I have observed and participated in the process of Dynamic Governance, Living Well's unique approach to ongoing responsive improvement of its many programs. Time and again I have seen residents' ideas, interests and concerns met with proactive interest.  It is a privilege to live and grow in community with Living Well's staff and residents. I wholeheartedly endorse Living Well's mission of providing sustainable, integrative approaches to health and well being and any funding efforts which would further this mission." - Madeleine Piat-Landolt